Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to secure your wordpress account from other

Hello friends today we will share with you how to secure or prevent your wordpress blog .form others . These are the plugin working only in paid wordpress hosting with these plugin you able to secure you wordpress blog. In these plguin you can able to block any IP and time any where just login your account and also see the status of the live and past visitor who visits where are from and many other google tools.

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How to prevent and secure my wordpress blog or website from unknow login attempt

how to secure wordpress hosting blog from others

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And the other plugin help to Prevent the other login the stop the worng password or user name. this plugin is blocked that IP automatically after 3 login attempt If that Ip again try to then this plugin is blocked it for 24 Hours. We are use these both plugin on My other wordpress blogs and these plugin are help us to prevent from other many times.

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You just install these plugin in your plugin both are free for wordpress user 

  1. The first plugin are for the login this plugin will give only three attempt and then it will block for some time and that try to login the name of the plugin is limit login attempts you can get from here free.
  2. And the second one is control your site visting the ip means with this you can able to blog that IP with is try to login in your wordpress account. and the name of that wordpress plugin is wordfence its a free plugin 

How to change Wordpress my wordpress user name In wordpress

  • This tutoral for that who not know how to change wordpress blog user name every one know you can change only posting name not login name here is a simple trick to change it. Just follow us:
  • First login in your wordpress account with your user name.
  • Then create a new user name : How to create new user name:
  • Remember try to make your user name and password very hard to guess by other.
  • Just add  new user > sign out the current login > login new user name > Delete your old user name and assign all the old post which is post with the name of old user to your new user.

These are the tips too secure your worpdress from the unknow person.

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